Weekend Away 2018

Join us¬†March 2 – 4, 2018 for our 7th Annual Weekend Away with Gwen Bortner and put a new ‘Twist’ in your knitting!

Gwen BortnerLove the idea of a Mobius, but struggle to get the cast on “just right”? Want to create a new and interesting fabric for your Mobius design? What about incorporating a Mobius into projects in non-traditional ways? 2-days of exploring the knitted Mobius with Gwen Bortner will reveal answers to these and other questions while exploring the potential of the Mobius structure.

Learn the Super-Simple Mobius Cast-on. It is easier to execute and provides a more consistent fabric.

See how the beauty of ripple stitch patterns can be incorporated into a Mobius cowl.

Discover the secrets to developing new reversible stitch patterns to be incorporated into your own Mobius designs.

Experiment with using the Mobius structure as a design element to transform a ho-hum project into something truly unique.

If you are ready to add a new twist into your knitting (in more ways than one), come join the fun and explore the untapped potential of the Mobius. You’ll not only learn the tips and techniques for this unique skill, we’ll also start on a project in which you’ll apply your new found skills.

As always, our Weekend Away starts on Friday at about 3PM and runs to Sunday at 1PM. The cost of the weekend covers everything. Food, lodging, instruction, and our Saturday night dinner out. You don’t want to miss it!

Imagine taking a knitting class in a bright, glass walled space with a view of the Pacific Ocean!

Cavalier Resort

This year we’re delighted to be at the Cavalier Resort just 5 miles from the shop in nearby San Simeon! Located right on the ocean, we’ll have use of all the facilities the report has to offer, including the pool, exercise room, and the beach front at the hotel where they have fire pits most evenings.

Come join us for our 7th annual Weekend Away! Click here for the details


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