Weekend Away 2019

Join us March 15 – 17, 2019 for our 8th Annual Weekend Away with Gwen Bortner and get all your (knitting) questions answered!

Gwen Bortner

One of our weekends we dubbed the “UFO” class, where you could bring in your UFOs (Unfinished objects) and Gwen and the class would work on the best way to move forward! This year we’re presenting something related, but perhaps a little different. We’ll let Gwen introduce the class to you. Take it away Gwen!

For years I have offered a variety of classes under various forms and titles that ultimately were about the same thing…getting your knitting questions answered. Whether you think of it as tips and tricks, secrets of the experts, or just stump the teacher, the idea is the same. We all have questions. But rarely is there a forum that we can ask them with some reasonable assurance that they will be answered at all, let alone “correctly”. But this is your time!

No question is too small and every question is welcomed.

Not sure what to ask? Think about your projects that are stuck…I can help you get unstuck. Consider the pattern you love but uses a term or a technique you don’t understand…I can explain it and probably tell you why. Remember the time you were frustrated and were sure there must be an easier way…over the years I have become very efficient and might have an option.

Regardless of your level of expertise and your years knitting I will be SHOCKED if you don’t discover a few answers to questions you both knew you had and possibly a few you didn’t. These classes are always popular, students are amazed at what they learn and they can’t believe how quickly the time passes.

The majority of class time will be discussion, so bring along a favorite “social knitting” project or two to keep your hands busy while class is in session. Bring a favorite notebook for taking notes. But also bring along a couple of small balls of two different color yarns (light and medium colored), both the same, in your preferred yarn weight. Please also bring a few needles appropriate to the yarn you selected in different styles (DPN’s, circulars or straights), but don’t buy anything special…these are “just in case”. Honestly circulars should work for most things that might come up. These supplies are just in case we need to try out a technique, but we won’t know until the questions are asked!

You’ve got questions and I’ve got answers. Let’s see about getting them matched up!

How fun will this be? Think of it as beyond tips and tricks. Imagine three days by the ocean with one of the best knitting instructors in the country by your side! Bring your UFO! Bring that pattern that’s been haunting you! Questions almost always lead to more questions and we all know there will be fun and lots of great knitting involved. Come join us, increase your skills, and have fun while you do it!

Oh yes, there’s the venue. The resort we’re staying at has one of the most beautiful locations on the Central Coast of California.

Imagine taking a knitting class in a bright, glass walled space with a view of the Pacific Ocean!

Cavalier Resort

Once again we’re delighted to be at the Cavalier Resort just 5 miles from the shop in nearby San Simeon! Located right on the ocean, we’ll have use of all the facilities the report has to offer, including the pool, exercise room, and the beach front at the hotel where they have fire pits most evenings.

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