The Color Green

What does it mean to be ‘Green’? We’re not sure. All we can say is we have a commitment to our environment. It does take a little extra effort but we feel it’s worth it in the long run. Here are some of the things we do.

LED lighting throughout the store. – Not only are the lights color accurate, they draw so much less power we watched our electric bill drop.

We print on recycled paper Рour signs other literature is all printed on recycled paper, our receipt paper is all BPA free.

We send e-mails instead of paper mailings.

Our bags are 100% recycled paper. But we do recommend to bringing reusable bags, buying one of our project bags, or knit or crochet one with the hemp kits we stock!

We carry Fair Trade and organic yarns and try to source products made by cooperatives and other small producers.

All of these things are small efforts, but our feeling is if we all do a little bit to safeguard our environment, we all win.