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Home Dumpling Bags Binkwaffle

simple & hassle-free
Look, zippers and velcro are not really our friends in the fiber world. The Dumpling Bag solves that by keeping your project contained while providing a quick snag-free closure. Simply pull the handle through the grommet, and voilà! Closed up and ready to go.

modern & fun
Dumpling Bags use durable fabrics in fun prints and colors, offering a variety of style options for the modern maker. From cutesy to elegant to plain ol’ simple, there’s a fabric combination for everyone.

reversible & washable
Choose a fun print and rock it… or turn the fun print inside for a personal pop of color that still coordinates on the outside with your simpler look. Get something on your bag? Toss most of our bags into the washer on delicate and air dry and spot iron for more crispness & structure.

roomy & yet still compact
The squish factor of the Dumpling Bag shape & materials allow for various project sizes. Cram it full and it’ll sit up on its own. Tuck in just a hat project, and the bag itself can be crammed into a larger purse or bag while still containing your yarn.