Kollage Circular 40" US 0 USA Square

$9.60 $16.00

Square Circulars! Made in North America!

These machined aluminum needles could be the most comfortable circulars you'll ever use. Great tips and a wonderfully soft cable that's ready to go out of the package.

TESTIMONIALS:,"The Square® needles are a wonderful thing!! I can knit longer!! I didn't believe it but, I am knitting the baby surprise sweater and I started on the Square's® to give them a try and I was getting a lot of stitches so I switched to the circular and my tennis elbow went nuts....then it dawned on me....maybe it is the needles, so I went back to the Square's® and no problem. I love them. I need more!!!" - Jan from Wisconsin

"I was in a car accident 7 months ago. I couldn't even hold my knitting needles for 3 months. Because of the pain, I could not knit for 5 months! I tried these Square® Needles thinking...you've got to be kidding...these won't work. Well....I LOVE these Square® Needles! I can hold these Square® Needles easier than the round ones...And without any pain in my hands! I am adding these to my needle collection." - Jo from New Jersey

*Due to the difference in the Square® to round shape, we STRONGLY recommend you knit a swatch for gauge. Please note, most knitters go up one needle size in the circulars and dpns to obtain gauge.*