Lykke Indigo 5" Interchangable Set


This limited edition Indigo interchangable needle set from Lykke is a great way to get an interchangable set at a value price. Made from resin imprgnated birch, they are smooth with a good sharp tip. They're the "screw on" type, so while not as robust as the addi click sets, they've been used by knitters all over the world.

In the set you get:
Needle tips from a US 4 (3.5mm) to a US 17 (12mm)
2 each of 24", 32" and 40" cables
2 connectors
4 keys (to tighten the screw on tips)
8 stoppers
1 beautiful, limited edition color suede treated case with a velcro needle stand and accessory pockets.

Lyyke is a Norwegian word that means Happiness.

Lykke comes with a lifetime gaurantee against manufacturers defects.