Outlander River Run KAL

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Home Events Outlander River Run KAL
Home Events Outlander River Run KAL
River Run KAL
Join us in this Knit-A-Long (KAL) for the River Run Shawl featured in the hit show Outlander! With each stitch you knit you will be transported back in time to the Scottish Highlands and the eastern shores of North America. Whether you’re a seasoned knitter or just getting started in your journey, this project will be a great addition to your hand-knit collection.  Each week, Barry Klein will answer your questions and guide you through the next portion of the pattern.
Note: The pattern is only in the book. It does not come with the kit.
The Schedule: (All videos scheduled for 5PM Pacific)
•09/24/21 – Zoom with Barry and talk about gauge, and other related topics.
•10/01/21 - KAL kick off, CO, get started with the top-down shawl construction, answer any KAL questions.
•10/08/21 – Continue with KAL, answer any KAL questions.
•10/15/21 – Change to lace yarn and begin lace portion of the pattern, discuss pattern changes, and follow-up questions.
Select your kit from the choices below and get ready for a journey back in time!