Stepping Over the Piano Keys Class

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Home Stepping Over the Piano Keys Class
Home Stepping Over the Piano Keys Class
Join us IN-PERSON on Saturday, December 3 at 2PM for an exciting class with the one and only Barry Klein! The class will be held in the shop.
Registration is at the bottom of this page!


Piano Keys Sweater
This is a fun class as you can decide to make a sweater OR a wrap OR a poncho! If you decide on the pullover and want longer sleeves or changes in the body length…..that’s what Barry is there for and we will have it all taken care of during class.


You also have yarn options, along with Volante you can use either Impress, an organic cotton/bamboo blend, or Nuance, a 100% organic cotton. With Barry's assistance, you'll really get to play with color options, details, gauge, fit, and more!


The class fee includes the yarn to make the smallest sweater (37" bust). If you want to make the poncho or wrap you would just pay the $30 difference. The same is if you want to make a larger sweater, you'll just pay the difference in number of skeins.
Piano Keys Wrap


This is a really dynamic pattern stitch. It is 100% Stock St. and it looks like the yarns are carried along the back. This is not the case. You’re going to fall in love with this stitch as it’s fascinating to watch how it works and just how easy it is.


In this pattern, we will work with German Style short rows (Barry will make sure you’ve got them down. They're really easy doing them his way).


For the class you will need to bring:
  • Circular needles US #5,6,7,8 – depending on gauge and desired feel of the finished yarns in pattern.
  • Be sure you have circular needles with cable lengths between 24-36”.
  • Stitch markers that are removable.
  • Scissors.