Green Line Sport 50g - Cranberry - JaggerSpun

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This 100% Organic Merino yarn is spun in Springvale, Maine and organically dyed at the JaggerSpun dye house in New England! This yarn, officially a sport weight, can usually be used in patterns calling for fingering weight up to a DK as well. It feels great, comes in a great variety of colors, and as it comes in 50 gram hanks it's perfect for color work projects. Also great for felting. 100% Organic Merino 166 yards per 50 gram hank 23 - 26 sts = 4" Hand wash, Lay Flat For our weaver friends, this yarn is also available on 1 pound cones, approx 1490 yards, and is known as 3/8 Uriah Jagger arrived in Southern Maine from England in the 1880s and they've been spinning yarns ever since! Currently a 4th generation business, we're delighted to bring this fabulous, domestic yarn to you.