Our Story

Some things are just meant to happen, and that’s what happened here.
Here, if you’ll pardon the pun, is our Yarn of Yarn.

In April of 2009, Kris and Oz were vacationing in Paso Robles, CA and simply fell in love with the area. The whole San Luis Obispo area just spoke to them in a way that no other area had. The weather, the people, the wine, the food – it was all something that just fit with what they had been looking for in a place to “someday” move.

One other thing to know is that Kris is a wonderful and accomplished fabric craftsperson. She especially loves knitting and a love of all things yarn. She's been knitting so long she doesn't remember learning to knit! So all trips include visits to yarn shops, and this trip was no different. While visiting the beautiful coastal town of Cambria, CA they went into the lovely little knit shop there called the Ball and Skein and More. After the visit, Kris remarked that it would be the perfect thing for them to do, to own a yarn shop, and that one in particular would be just perfect for them.

So they kept an eye on real estate in the area, thinking they’d find some land to buy and slowly make their way west. Luck had it that what seemed to be the right fit came up, and Oz took a plane out to California to look at the property, as well as other real estate in the area.

As he looked around at places, while in Cambria mentioned in passing to the realtor that his wife loved the little yarn shop and she asked if we wanted to buy it. Turned out the little shop had just gone on the market at a very attractive price. So over the next 48 hours, they bought the shop and the house and over the next three months they moved to beautiful Cambria, CA.

The whole story takes far too long here – and includes car carriers, motorcycles, and the search for the Monterey airport – but trust us, it was something that was meant to be. It’s been one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities they just had to move on. So while they miss all their friends (who have been coming to visit!), they’re truly enjoying this new chapter in their lives, a modern day adventure!