Wild Stuff Half Ebony by Prism Arts


Cool Stuff™ is composed of a variety of different hand dyed, gauge coordinated yarns. They are tied together end to end by hand, so that as you knit the texture and colors are always changing. Cool Stuff™ has moderate eyelash, metallic, and other highly textured yarns. It's the perfect yarn for a fun scarf or an accent to 'bling' up a piece. Like all Prism Yarns, these are hand-dyed by color guru Laura Bryant, founder of Prism Yarns. Cool Stuff™ has no wool, mohair or other animal fibers in it. Like all Stuffs™ , a larger needle can be used for a more open fabric in ponchos, wraps and scarves. Cool Stuff™ is interchangeable with Wild & Neat Stuff™. Content: Rayon, Cotton, Nylon, Poly, Silk Half is 150 yds per 3-1/2 ounce skein Gauge 18 sts = 4" (#8) Hand Wash